2009-12-05 CURRENT UPDATE!

I haven't update the status here in a while ... even though I've been doing all sorts of fixes and updates. A month or so ago, I actually did clear up the issues with #ff, and it is fully supported! I also rewrote the search logic (for another project) and now support multiple simultaneous search threads. I also re-wrote the background profile update processes, and removed the memory leaks that were killing the server ... FINALLY! Last thing was to update the home page for the holidays ... my friend Richard Souther is donating to charity, and we put his Chirstmas tunes on the home page!
  • DONE: re-added support for #ff
  • DONE: added simultaneous search threads ... and it's cool to watch!
  • DONE: re-wrote background profile update processes
  • DONE: fixed profile update process memory leaks
  • DONE: updating the home page

2009-08-14 Database tweaks, and various code updates ...

Wow ... I've actually done SOME work between my last update and now, but haven't been writing many updates. Behind the scenes, we've been doing database updates, and then had to do a lot of modifications to our scripts. We're now running smoother, and the database is behaving a little better. I added a lot of code to purge the bad and bogus users, and I'm in teh midst of adding the support for #ff back in. Twitter of course was crushed by a bad DDOS attack last week, and it's still going on to some degree, and so I updated all of the queries and API calls to honor their error codes, etc. Because of all of that work, I also chose to rewrite the main search processes. I'm now optimizing that code for scaling, and will be deploying more code to make the searches better ... and this new code will also be used by one of our new and upcoming twitter services! Now ... back to my PAYING projects for a bit ... :-)
  • DONE: Modified and updated database indexes
  • DONE: updated db queries
  • DONE: automated the detection and deletion of bad and bogus accounts
  • DONE: rewrote all of the twitter search API calls and response handling
  • DONE: modifying code for optimized searches (coming soon)
  • KNOWN: We STILL see a lot of #followfriday messages being lost by twitter ... and we don't get them via the API. Fail.

2009-06-28 Twitter related fixes ...

Twitter decided to make some major changes ... well ... some changes ... to their search API! And they did it right before I left on my cruise vacation to Alaska! I just got home from my trip tonight, and worked on the code ... got it updated ... and things now appear to be back to normal!
  • DONE: Added a User-Agent to the API requests that we are making ... Search API failure resolved.
  • KNOWN: There are still a lot of #followfriday messages being lost by twitter ... and we don't get them via the API. Fail.

2009-06-19 Optimizing the operation ...

Well ... I've been WAY too busy with my company, and have only been able to make some minor fixes to the site. In the mean time twitter search is having some major problems! We use the twitter APIs to create TopFollowFriday ... and one of the core APIs is the twitter search API. When it's not working ... then we aren't working. Right now ... as of the last 24 hours ... we've been in communications with the twitter team about the problems that we are seeing. One of them is that HUGE numbers of #followfriday tweets are being lost or ignored. We're getting errors returned by twitter to our API calls also. So in all ... a bummer. :-( We'll keep working on things ... and see what we can do. In the mean time, I'm off on a Alaskan Cruise! Woohoo!
  • DONE: Added, then removed, support for #ff. I'll put it back after this API issue is resolved.
  • DONE: Tweaked a bunch of DB functions to remove extra calls, and streamline the processing.
  • KNOWN: There are a lot of #followfriday messages being lost by twitter ... and we don't get them via the API. Fail.

2009-04-30 Game changes ...

Ok folks ... the spamming and gaming the system for "rank" has got to be out of control. The entire point of Follow Friday was realistic and valuable endorsements ... not spamming the world to get endorsed ... or asking everyone in the world to re-tweet your endorsements. So I'm changing the game ... and moving towards my original goals ... If you don't like this, then maybe I'll create a new site I-Can-Get-More-Endorsements-Than-You.com ... and then we can resume the game. :-)
  • DONE: Daily Endorsement Counts are now only counting NEW endorsements. Period. So that is why you'll see different numbers when you click your daily endorsements ... some will probably be re-endorsements.
  • DONE: I'm now ignoring all Re-Tweets. Period. Yeah, yeah, yeah ... whine and complain if you want to, but if you TRULY want to endorse someone, aren't they really worth the extra effort?
  • KNOWN: There are people out there spamming the world trying to get people to endorse them ... and that is covering some of the true gems in the twitter-sphere. I'm going to begin to penalize people who are spamming too many people ... I'm currently researching some new algorythms and ratios to create a new ranking formula ... and categories. Stay tuned!

2009-04-23 Database and Script fixes ...!

Over the last month I have been working on-and-off on database optimizations and script issues. I added several new keys to the tables, and optimized my search requests to twitter ... along with how I adjust my polling frequency. Overall it's massively improved the handling of tweets.
  • DONE: Multiple endorsements are counted, but you can only endorse someone one a day ... period.
  • DONE: I've altered the way that the "Daily Counts" are done. I now only count NEW endorsements on the daily numbers ... not re-endorsements!

2009-03-06 Getting close to stable ...

Yes! We are rockin' and rollin' ... wow ... tons of traffic! And I'm finding bugs! There are still a few issues that I'm working out right now!
  • KNOWN: Some issues with duplicate endorsements ... saying that you endorsed someone multiple times ... I'm working on that now
  • KNOWN: Some counts are slightly off. There was a timezone issue that I realized late last night ... can't do anything until next week
  • KNOWN: Some lost endorsements ...I've got some script threading problems ... working through that now

2009-03-06 Friday hits! In Asia ... oops!

Well ... I realized that I hadn't thought through what "Friday" really meant globally! Friday begins in Asia far before here in the US. That means that I really need to do my counter resets in the +12 (or at least +11) timezone ... so that I track "Friday" around the globe!
  • DONE: wrote code to vary the polling speed of the scripts based on the number of returned items
  • DONE: bug fix that screwed up endorsement counters
  • DONE: bug fix with previous/next when viewing endorsers/endorsements
  • DONE: Sort of. Realized that I have to use consistent times in my code ... was mixing timezones
  • DONE: Sort of. rewrote db functions to use timezone offset. Need to move all to +11 timezone on Sunday.
  • DONE: Revised page template and logo provided by Stewart Goodwin here in Utah! Thanks!
  • Create some automated notifications to me
  • Integrate tweets about top followers

2009-03-05 Preparing for Friday ...

Been working on other projects and cleint projects most of the day.
  • DONE: Added code to dynamically adjust the polling time on searches
  • Create some automated notifications to me
  • Integrate tweets about top followers

2009-03-04 Adding more on ranking ...

Had to spend time working on client projects, plus my guitar lesson, and my 1st Wedding Anniversary!
  • DONE: Shifted the "daily" reset of Top Endorsed to be PST ... I might shift it to Hawaii time ...
  • DONE: Recording the Top 10 Endorsed each night as the end of the night, to display on the home page
  • Create some automated notifications to me
  • Integrate tweets about top followers

2009-03-03 Wow ... two days of jamming ...

Yesterday and today were spent working on a variety of projects - my real client projects - and also adding features here.
  • DONE: Column sort indication (Well ... not really ... I got rid of the columns!)
  • DONE: Display some stats on the size of the graph
  • DONE: Change page to allow you to explore who the recommenders recommend
  • Create some automated notifications to me
  • DONE: Alter some of the script handling
  • Integrate tweets about top followers
  • DONE: Add an analytics script to allow for graphing of trends
  • DONE: Whole new template and look of the site
  • DONE: Fixes lots of bugs ... and non-working features

2009-03-01 Stuff to do after skiing ...

Sunday was a great day skiing Park City Resort ... now home to play with my son, have some dinner ... and resume coding!
  • DONE: Search! Yes ... I'm adding search!
  • DONE: When changing sort column, reset the item count to 0

2009-02-28 Saturday ... more usability!

Saturday was a day to focus on usability, and begining to allow users to explore the social graph.
  • Added basic help page ... still needs work.
  • Began to use twitter API to add user profile data
  • Added pagination and sorting to columns
  • Reset the daily count at midnight each night
  • Re-architected tables to store recommends differently
  • Corrected the screw-up that I did when re-architecting
  • Added trapping to handle repeat recommends (some value to know that!)
  • Altered style ... still sucks, but working on that

2009-02-27 TopFollowFriday Launched!

After seeing the tweet by Jeremiah, I spent about 4 hours to get the basic site up and running. After completing the core database and tables, I began to get the basic front end working. Fun!

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