My NEW Endorsements Today count doesn't match when I click the link! What gives!

Don't worry ... you are still popular! You total count still reflects all of the endorsements that you have received. But the Endorsed by Today Count is now only going to reflect the NEW endorsements that you receive. Not the same group of friends that are going to talk you up every week. C'mon ... the whole point is for you to ENLARGE the circle of people that you impact with your life! Go out and thrill some people ... impress them with your knowledge and contribution. Meet new people! If you keep doing that you'll be getting new endorsements all of the time!

I swear ... if you continue to touch, move, and inspire others ... you'll be getting lots of new endorsements!

I'm Re-Tweeting all of my friends endorsements ... but it's not working! My Re-Tweets are not being counted!?!?!

Yes ... we've grown tired of the practice of people simply re-tweeting other people's endorsements. Aren't you committed to all of your favorite people enough that they deserve a nice custom tweet that truly acknowledges them for who they are? The entire idea of #followfriday is not really about simply being a mindless pigeon pecking a bar to get a nugget of food is it? Isn't the real idea behind #followfriday to endorse the people out there that really made a difference in your life? Or that left you touched, moved, or inspired?

Take the time to truly endorse people for who they are ... like really!

How do I use #followfriday to Endorse someone?

It's actually really simple ... you send a tweet containing the hashtag '#followfriday' OR '#ff' and include the list of people who you endorse ... who you feel are producing valuable or interesting tweets. We recommend that you put the #followfriday FIRST in the message, followed by the list of twitter names. Each name has to have the leading '@', and they can be seperated by spaces or commas.

EXAMPLE: #followfriday @humancell @jowyang @micah @windley @craigburton
OR USE: #ff @humancell @jowyang @micah @windley @craigburton

How do I REMOVE an Endorsement from someone using #followfriday?

You can't do that TODAY ... but give me a week!!
(Crap! I still don't have this written in here ...)

I'm in the midst of adding that feature right now. It will be just as easy ... and easy to understand ... you send a tweet containing the hashtag '#followfriday' and include the list of people who you want to UN-Endorse ... but you add a minus sign '-' in front of the @ sign and their name. You can even mix endorsements and un-endorsements in the message, and they can be seperated by spaces or commas.

EXAMPLE: #followfriday -@badandwickedperson -@exgirlfriendfromhighschool @newgirlfriendILike -@filthymouthedtweeter
In this example you will do the following:
  • Un-Endorse @badandwickedperson
  • Un-Endorse @exgirlfriendfromhighschool
  • Endorse @newgirlfriendILike
  • Un-Endorse @filthymouthedtweeter

What is #followfriday?

#followfriday was one of those brilliant ideas that came upon Micah Baldwin, as documented in his Follow Friday blog post. He explains how it was a simple progression of ideas, that has now grown to become a very powerful tool. I originally came across it as friends began to use the hashtag, and immediately saw the value. Later I found a blog post by Pete Cashmore, the CEO of Mashable. I found the following reference link called How #FollowFriday and Hashtags Work where he describes it as: "#followfriday is a game in which people suggest who to follow on Twitter. It helps everyone find interesting Tweeps. You list the users you recommend following and add "#followfriday" so people can find your tweet." I actually think it is a very powerful game ... and our site is here to leverage people to find interesting people.

Are their special cases where my tweeps aren't being added?

So far there is only one case that we know of where we won't add all of the people you recommend in your tweet. If you start your message with @username, we will not count that person. This is a difficult choice, however with twitter the "convention" is that a message that begins with @username is a reply to someone. We found that many people reply to those who recommend them ... and so it became easier to simply skip that first name.

If you want to ensure that all of your tweeps are added, start your tweet with #followfriday, or any other text.

Why does "Recommended Today" reset to zero?

The point of #followfriday is to find new and valuable people to follow. What we are doing is creating a top recommended of the day ... each day! So at midnight (currently CST) the recommended today counters are all wiped clean ... and tomorrow a new group of people will bubble to the top.

You can always sort by the "Recommended by ..." column to see the all-time most recommended.

What else is coming?

We have some ideas that we are working on ... stay tuned!

In the mean time ... use the Feedback tab over there on the left side of the page! Let me know what you want!

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